My Digital Footprint

Final Project By: Jazlyn Zavala

What is a digital footprint? Why is it important?

A digital footprint is the record one leaves online about themselves. This is important because it will remain documented on the internet forever and will impact what future employers and colleges think about you based on the impression you have left on the internet. It is like a small compilation of information about yourself that anyone can see.

What does your digital footprint consist of? What is harmful and helpful about these resources?

My digital footprint included LinkedIn which allowed me to connect with real job employers that could give insight on what they look for in a worker and other professionals seeking help. LinkedIn does not really have any downsides because it is only used for professional purposes. I also had Twitter to reach out to others on topics that needed to be improved such as child abuse in America and having to put it to an end. Twitter can be a negative smudge on your digital footprint because it is more relaxed and you are able to say and post anything you want. It also can be negative based on who you associate with on that social media site. I also used YouTube to research topics in class like biology and geometry so I could learn concepts in further detail. You Tube is a great resource for class lessons but can be harmful based on what you watch on there because there are people who put inappropriate videos online. All these sites can show others that you are hardworking and genuinely dedicated to your work, but it can also be a bad mark on your digital footprint if you decide to leave negative and distasteful comments.

What can you do to improve your online identity?

On Twitter I can continue to post and update others about the charities I am going to participate at. By doing this I would hope to encourage some of my friends and people form my school to come along and help support some of the events I volunteer at such as "Feed My Starving Children." I can also use my LinkedIn profile to keep my work experience updated as I continue to get more job opportunities and skills, now that I am getting older. Doing this will help me advocate my good work ethic and willingness to help others with foundations they support.

What is the most important thing you've learned this semester about maintaining a positive digital footprint?

The most important thing I have learned is constantly being aware of who you portray yourself as online and in person. If you act loosely or different in a negative connotation online it could potentially ruin any first impression you might have on meeting new people or employers. In order to have a successful online identity you have to considerate to what you post and ask yourself these questions: Is what I am saying going to offend others? and is it worth putting out there for everyone to see?

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