Assyrians, Hittites & Aryans

Gavin newman


- The aryans lived up in the mountains but as time went on they gradually moved to east to more fertile land.

- The aryans had tribes and unique warrior traditions.

- another reason they migrated was to gain more political control.

-The aryans and Dravidians had descendants that later became a unique culture


- Were located north Tigris highlands, north of Babylon and south of Armenia

- They developed the first written language which was written in akkadian

- The religion they believed was either the west side "Jacobites" and east side "Nestorians"

- They had a counsel that decided stuff

- They invented several things like the 360 Wheel, and written language

- there are still modern Assyrians today


- They lived in the area where modern day turkey is.

- They wrote with Hittite script and used stone tablets to do so.

- they started as a small tribe and eventually got big enough and began to rival Egypt

- they were very tactical and during the "Bronze age" they split into smaller groups

- there bible was the Hebrew tanakh "The christian old testament"