Health Care in Africa

too low, or too slow?

Why is it so vital?

Healthcare in Africa has been a major issue for a long time, and the lack of healthcare has been an even more significant issue lately due to an increase in diseases such as Ebola, Tuberculosis, Malaria, and AIDS. Healthcare is vital for trying to treat such diseases. HIV AIDS over the last few decades has hit Africa harder than any other place on earth, a lot of this due to people not admitting to having it, and sometimes just not having proper treatment available to them.

Well how bad is it?

One thing that is quite shocking, is that the life expectancy in Africa is almost 22 years less than the life expectancy in Europe, that is a very noticeable number. The amount of physicians in Africa per 1,000 people is only two, the amount of physicians per 1,000 people in Europe is about 34.

This means that Africa has only 1/17 of the physicians that Europe has, and most of the physicians in Africa are highly expensive and not available to the poor.

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The leading percentages for deaths in Africa are communicable diseases, maternal and perinatal conditions and nutritional deficiencies, which is 12x more common in deaths of Africans than in Europe, and when it comes to infectious and parasitic diseases, it’s 30x more common in Africa. Some of these diseases are very easily preventable and treatable due to healthcare, but there just isn’t enough healthcare available to treat the people affected by these diseases.

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Africa has over 85% of the world’s total population of people living with HIV, that’s almost 30 million people, and almost 1.5 million Africans with AIDS die each year. With how big of an epidemic this has become, the rest of the world has been trying to create better healthcare there.

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Since 2001, new HIV infections has dropped almost 30% annually

with hundreds of thousands of people every year donating millions of dollars to help improve Africa’s healthcare and thousands of people themselves actually heading to Africa to help the countries people in need face to face. All of it is slowly making a difference. All in all, Africa’s healthcare system is simply lacking, but over the past couple decades, it has shown to be improving


1. what are some dangerous diseases in Afrcia?

2. How many physicians are there per 1,000 people in Africa?

3.How many people die per year in Africa due to AIDS?

4. Why is healthcare so vital?

5. How much of the worlds total AIDS percentage is made up by Africa?

6. What can you do to help improve the healthcare in Africa?

7. True or False? Tuberculosis is not a problem in Africa

8. What are ways health care can be improved?

9. Why else might healthcare be important besides diseases? ex: injury.

10. True or False? Health care is important.