Media~ The way we see on things on TV and social media and the internet

Economics~The way the price of things vary and the things on sale

Environmental~ The way that things grow in season and the price vary if they don't grow

Technology~ The new use of things like research and designing and the new way


Physiological~ We as a person have created a way of creating food and the way we cook it

Physiological~ The things you think about when you hear something and the way you look at something

Personal~ The way that you like or the way that you do something in your personal apparatus

Culture~ This can be based on your religion and the way that you do something depending on catholic, Asian, Spanish or anything with that person

Tradition~ This is the way we remember the things at like christmas or thanksgiving anything revolving around a holiday or something you can cherish

BE HEALTHY!!!!!!!!!!

Healthy Food Choices

We all have a certain thing to watch so lets look at what we have to watch

A. Dietary guidelines fro americans. In the us more than 45% of americans are overweight so we have to watch what we eat

B. Weight management that ties in with the overweight factor and we are what we eat kind of thing.

C. Physical activities, Athletes meet a new quota than other people we are more likely to have a high calorie diet to burn off at practice or anything

In my choice I like the pyramid better because of the way that not everyone likes the calculator.

D. Labels and Packages~ these are very important because the way we think and the way that they package things. So you think something might have starch or peanuts and it really don't.

Food groups. The way americans eat should be based on what is happening in their life right now between pregnancy, age, sickness, hospitalization or anything in that area.