By Liora Rodney

All about France

France is home to many cool things. It is home to the Eiffel Tower, the Mona Lisa, and the most famous fashion designers.

The flag and national image

On the flag red and blue represent the war where the main revolution was fought. White means loyalty. On the image the girl represents values of freedom. The french motto is Liberte (liberty), Egalite (equalty), and Fraternite.


La Marseillaise, French National Anthem (Fr/En)

Did you know France has it's own island?


France has many delicous foods like Crepes which is a thin, creamy, french pancake, Tartes aux Fruits which is a fruit tart, and Madeleine which is a sponge-like cake. Cooking isn't everything in France but it is a big deal. Not only does the food have to taste good it has to look good too.

The Goverment

In France the people elect the president for 5 years. The president elects a prime minister and the prime minister runs the daily government. There is 348 members in the senate and 577 members in the National Assembly.
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In France people play all kinds of different sports. They love to plat football (soccer), cycling, hiking, sailing, tennis and much much more.

Education system

French kids go to elementary school for 6 years. They don't have school on Wendsday afternoons.