Asheville Primary School

APS Family Connection 10/27/2021

Preschoolers Visit the Principal

These preschoolers came to the Principal's office for a visit to have a special story time about greeting other people (hola, hello, jambo, ciao, woof) and to tell Principal Williams what they liked about our school. They have made some good friends, love recess, and love the songs and games their teachers play in the morning. Ask your child what the best part of the day is....
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Try this "I Love You" Ritual with Your Child to Build Connection

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If you have items to donate, please send them by your child or you can drop them off in the car line or at the front office.

Your child should come home with a new book. Plan to spend time reading it...over and over and over again!

FREE Anti-bias Anti-racism Parenting Workshop

Register for an ABAR Parenting Workshop that works on your schedule. You have until next May to fit this in to your family's schedule. FREE to every family. If your family would like to make a contribution to help, contact an administrator.

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Are they getting cold?

The students watched the geese fly over this week while we were all outside and one student asked, "Are they cold?" Well, yes, it is getting colder and that means jacket weather. Please remember to send a jacket with your child each day that has a name clearly marked inside. This helps us find the owner if it is accidentally left on the playground or in the hallway. Need a jacket? We have a rummage sale coming up that you may be able to get one at low cost!
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Looking for items to donate to our classes?

We would love some of the following for our students to use:

  • water bottles
  • individual snacks, fruit, veggies
  • letter sized laminating sheets
  • baby wipes
  • two shower curtains
  • gently used pants, sizes 3T to 8

You can drop donations at the front office or in car line.

Thanks for all you do to support our school.

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Health & Safety

Covid Protocols continue to change as our community needs change. Please refer to the tool kits below to find the latest information and explanations of safety protocols. Our district uses these tool kits to help develop safety protocols for our schools. (Please remember that all the board meeting videos are available on our district website.)

Students should stay home, even with a negative test result, if they have vomiting or diarrhea or a fever. They may return with a negative test result and 24 hours after no longer vomiting, diarrhea or fever without the aid of medication.

**Preschool guidelines are different than school aged guidelines, including symptoms. Please see the symptom list below.

Help us keep it safe by:

  • washing or sanitizing your child's backpack periodically
  • keeping coats and sweaters clean
  • washing or wiping down any items your child brings to school (i.e. water bottles)

Thank you for your help with keeping it safe at our school.


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We get lots of questions about costumes this time of year. If your child would like to wear a costume on Friday, please remember the following:

  • think about book characters or future careers or adjectives (describing words like striped or dotted or shiny or soft)
  • no blood or gore, ghouls or scary things
  • no face masks (this one is funny this year, but we don't want masks that cover the whole face~safety issue)
  • nothing that can't be played in or that may be a tripping hazard or too hot/cold (weather-wise)

This is a great opportunity for your child to get creative. Encourage them to think outside of the box and create their own costume or to choose an outfit that can be described using adjectives.

If you have any questions or want to send a picture of an option, please email

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Want To Be More Involved at APS?

We are looking for families to join our Title One Parent Involvement Team. This team helps us find ways to involve our community and families in our students' academic success. We also create the communication that is sent to families about Title One, plan events centered around how we use Title One funds at APS, and create and innovate ways to support every child's success. There are also opportunities to represent our school on the ACS District Title One team.

Want to join us? Email Tima Williams at

Ingles Tools for Schools

Be sure to link your card to our school so that we can reap the benefits. Our school code is 10753. Thanks!


Please remind your child to SHINE every day by:

  • Keeping it SAFE at Asheville Primary
  • HELPING our class community
  • Showing INTEGRITY
  • Keeping our environment NEAT & CLEAN
  • ENCOURAGING our classmates and staff

ACS Board Work Session Monday, November 1 at 5 PM

Visit this site to find information on our ACS Board, when they will meet, and to access agendas.

Asheville Primary Reference Documents & Links

Please fill out this APS FAMILY SURVEY

OOPS! Our survey didn't collect any of the email addresses for families filling the form out prior to 1 pm on 8/19. If you filled out the survey before that, would you PLEASE help by filling it out again so we have all of your information. Thank you!

We need GREAT people!

Asheville City Schools has several instructional assistant vacancies at the elementary level for the 2021-2022 school year. Visit for details.

These positions are full time positions with benefits (i.e. state retirement, sick days, paid time off, health insurance, and access to supplemental insurance). Part time positions have a greater per hour rate of pay. The best part is you have the opportunity to have a positive impact on children every day.

Our list is shrinking, but we are still in need of the following positions:

  • academic support assistants
  • instructional assistants
  • substitutes

Many schools across our district are struggling with finding new staff to fill positions and we are no exception. Until those positions are filled, please allow grace to our staff as we all fill in to make sure that everything is taken care of for our students. Thank you!

Report Cards Go Home November 2

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We found this cool bug in prek after care. Do you know what it's called?

Look it up with your child. We discovered it has a gold patch on its back and spikes near its head. It was hiding in our sand box!
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On November 6th, we will host a community rummage sale in our lower parking lot at Asheville Primary. Each selling space is two parking places. You can reserve 1, 2, or 3 spaces by filling out the form below. Each selling space will be $15, with all the proceeds going to our PTC (Parent Teacher Collective). The PTC funds school projects, campus improvement projects, staff appreciation, and more.

So clean those closets and reserve your space today! Space is limited!

SPECIAL VISIT from the Asheville Fire Department Tomorrow for PreK/K

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Please mark your calendars. November 22 and 23 are now work days and we will not have school. PreK tuition will be credited for those two days.