Texas History

2nd Semester


As we end first semester I want to thank you for sharing your children with me on a daily basis. It is amazing to watch them learn and grow. Please find class information below.


As start second semester please make sure your child still has the supplies that they need to be successful on a daily basis. I have noticed a lot of students running low on pens and pencils.

Daily Supplies:

- Composition Notebook (Just for Social Studies)

- 2 Pencils

- 2 Pens (Blue or Black)

- Handheld pencil sharpener

- Eraser

- Computer (Please make sure your child’s computer is charged, working, and in class on a daily basis)

Tips to be successful this semester

Class Notes:

This semester more of the class notes will be done outside of class time as homework. There are a few reasons why we will be doing this more, first of all this is closer to what they will be experiencing, in 8th grade and we want them to start to learn this skill now. Also this will allow for us to spend more time in class, working on collaborative projects, individual and group problem solving and peer-based learning. And they will be able to move through the notes at their own pace. On average they will be given anywhere between 2-4 days to work on the notes at home, and will be able to use them on a quiz they will have the day they are due in class.


If your child is absent and needs to make up work, need extra help on an assignment or needs to retake a test or quiz, I have tutoring at the following times.

Tuesday – 8:30-9:10

Thursday - 8:30-9:10

After School – By appointment

Please make sure your child picks up a pass from me so that I know they are coming to tutoring and have the materials and assignment ready.


Please make sure that grades are checked weekly and made up in a timely fashion. Grades lower than a 70 can be corrected, often times these assignments can be redone at home and submitted to me to be re-graded. Quizzes that are initially open notes are not open notes if they need to be retaken, so please make sure your child has studied and is prepared for the retest. Also be aware that the last day to turn in missing or makeup work is the Tuesday before the last day of the grading period.

Dates to remember:

January 19: Student and Staff Holiday

January 20: Start of the 4th 6 weeks - 2nd Semester

January 30: Cattle Drive DBQ (Summative)

February 10: Progress Reports

February 24: Last day to turn in any missing work

February 25-27: 6 Weeks Test

February 27: End of 4th 6 weeks