Seesaw Challenge

Seesaw challenge

Seesaw Digital Portfolio/Learning journal Challenge

Digital Portfolios: This activity will get you exploring some tech options for keeping digital portfolios

1. Please read these Top Ten Reasons for Students to Blog by Sylvia Duckworth

2. Please read Five Reasons Your Students Should Blog by George Couros

Now we will explore:

Seesaw: Seesaw is a student driven digital portfolio that empowers students to independently create, capture and store artifacts of learning. It’s so easy to use! This app is great for any classroom!

* Please see this link for an overview of this amazing tool.

Teacher Side

1. Open “Class” App and tap on “I’m a Teacher.” Create your account or sign up using your Google + account.

2. Tap on “Create Your Class” in the lower right hand corner.

3. Create a “Class Name” for your class. Add student names now.

4. You should receive an email with class information

5. You can display this information in your classroom.

Student Side: To join as a student in my class, Please log out as a teacher, select student and sign in with your Google Account. Please join class with code posted during training

*Here are the tasks to complete for each tool. Be sure to "turn in" each task!

  • Note--Share something fun you plan to do this summer
  • Photo--Submit a photograph of your classroom or yourself.
  • Video--Shoot some video. Give us a tour of your classroom, introduce us to a friend. Be creative! Be sure to narrate as you record.
  • Drawing--Using the drawing tool, draw us a picture, work out a math problem. Again, be creative! Be sure to use at least five colors and add lots of details. You can narrate as you illustrate. This is an awesome feature of the Seesaw drawing tool!
  • Camera Roll--Take a selfie and turn it in! Bonus: figure out how to add audio to this image.

HOW DO I "TURN-IN" each item?

  • After completing a task, tap on the green circle that contains a white check mark in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.
  • You will eventually see a list of names. Find your name and make sure a green circle with a white check-mark appears. That is the "submit" button. It also gives option prior to final submission.
  • Tap on the green circle in the upper right-hand corner one more time to complete the turn in process.

FINAL Challenge: Please post to our Collaborative board: Think of a way you could use Seesaw in YOUR classroom. Please share your thoughts here.