The Australian Government

Created by Molly & Olivia

How this Poster Works

In this Poster we'll tell you how the Government Works and answer some Questions that you may have about Government.

What would happen if two parties had to join together to make one Government?

When two parties join together it is called a Coalition. One of the most well known Coalitions formed in Australian Government is the Liberal-National party. A Coalition is formed when a party doesn't win enough seats at the election.

How do you become a politition?

To become a Politition there is a few things you must acomplish first.

First you must be over the age of 18,

you must also be an ausralian citizen,

you need to be a good leader,

you need to be a confident speaker,

and you need to be a good reader.

what is a political party?

A political party is a group of people whose goal is to win enough seats in the election to become the party in power. It is made up of the Leader, the Ministers and just normal members of the party.

What is Democracy?

A democratic country is a country that allows its people to vote for their leader. Some democratic countries include Australia, England and others. If a country is not democratic it is a comunist country this means that the people of the country don't get to vote on their leader this means that the leaders are just chosen by family.