Wedding Photography that Cost You

How much does Wedding Photography cost you?

So you are getting Married and the big day is approaching fast! The fact you are reading this article tells me that you don’t have a Wedding Photographer booked and don’t know what one will cost. Am I right?

Now, Wedding Photography can cost anywhere from $0 to $50,000+….wait WHAT $50,000?!? Yes, you heard me right. There are even cases where photographers have been reported to charge $100,000 for a Wedding. That’s Crazy!! Don’t worry I’m not going to suggest you pay that!

Firstly Ask yourself these few questions before even looking for a Wedding Photographer!

1. What is my total Wedding Budget?
2. How much do I value Photography?
3. Where is Photography situated on my Wedding Day priorities?

Once you have answered those 3 questions continue reading.

Average Price of Wedding Photography

In 2014 Wedding Website: ‘’ released statistics stating that around 14% of the total Wedding Budget (TWB) is spent on Wedding Photography. This means if your TWB is $40,000 then on average $5600 of that would go towards a Wedding Photographer/s. If your TWB was 50,000 then roughly $7000 for a Wedding Photographer and so on.

So I should spend 14% of my TWB on a Photographer? Not necessarily but it gives you a good idea of what to expect and really prompts you to ask question 2. How much do you value Photography? Now below I’m going to help you decipher the different types of photographers and how to pick them.

The Different Types of Wedding Photographers

  1. Uncle Bob | Price: Free
    Uncle Bob is a running joke in the Wedding Photography community about family members at weddings who went out bought a fancy DSLR with a big lens and now think they are a photographer. Uncle Bob has no idea how to use his camera and would have better luck with an iPhone, he also has the tendency to get in the way of any hired photographers and ruin what could have been amazing images. “But Brent my Uncle Bob said he will do our photos for free” WOW FREE!! What a bargain on your special day! Did you hear that? YOUR SPECIAL DAY!! If you want shots that look like a toddler has been running around with a disposable camera then go with Uncle Bob.
  2. The Photo Journalist | Price: $999+
    Ahh the Photo Journalist… If you see “Photo Journalistic” on a wedding photographers website, that translates to “I have no idea how to pose people naturally and don’t want to do any hard work for you.” Beware the Photo Journalist Wedding Photographer, they rely entirely on luck! (Before any angry photographers reading this send me death threats, put down your pitchforks and continue reading, this may not be you!)
  3. Shoot & Burner | Price: $1499+
    GIVE ME YOUR MONEY NOW!! The shoot & burners, these guys want to take your photos, collect their money and give you average photos with basic editing on a CD or USB. Sure these guys suit some people, but they are the Hungry Jacks of Wedding Photographers. Sure maybe you will get a couple of nice new profile pics to secure an easy 100 likes on Facebook, but do you really want to pay that for some social media approval? Didn’t think so. I HATE Shoot & Burners.
  4. Commercial Wedding Photographers | $2999+
    HERE WE GO! These are the Pros. These guys offer you everything you could want and more. They will go the extra mile to ensure you will have the most memorable day possible with photos to match. Why do they cost so much more? They offer you a complete service; consultations, prints, high-quality albums, canvases, apps, online galleries and more. They become your personal therapist, they know how to naturally pose, how to light, how to tell a story. If you want your Wedding Day to be magical then magical is what you will get when you find a Commercial Wedding Photographer that offers a complete service.


  1. Q: I want my photos to be Photo Journalistic so why shouldn’t I hire the Photo Journalist?
    A: ‘Photo Journalist’ has become a “Buzz Word” in the Wedding Photography World much like ‘Organic’ has in the food world. For the most part EVERY Photographer is Photo Journalistic in style, however, it takes a photographer with a great natural posing ability to craft beautiful story telling images of your family, bridal party & you. Photographers aren’t going to pose people every single minute of the Wedding, it is after all YOUR day.
  2. Q: I REALLY want a Commercial Wedding Photographer but can’t afford one, what can I do?
    A: I understand that not all of us can afford Commercial Wedding Photographers, but the best thing you can do is review everything you have booked and see where cuts could possibly be made. Where does Photography sit in your priorities? Is fillet mignon more important or Good Wedding Photography? Also don’t be afraid to ask your photographer if they offer a payment plan so you don’t have to sacrifice your dream day.
  3. Q: All I want is a CD/USB with photos on it from a Commercial Wedding Photographer, can I have this?
    A: From my experience a lot of Commercial Wedding Photographers will cater to your needs, all you have to do is ask =)

Closing Notes

Organizing a Wedding can be time-consuming, exhausting, and, of course expensive. Sometimes we overlook what is important & forever and opt for what is temporary & forgotten. If you value your Wedding Day, live it forever with the right photographer. If you have any questions, comments or personal experiences regarding wedding photography post below, I’d love to hear it and read every single comment =) GOOD LUCK!

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