"The Bee And The Ant"

Mind your own beeswax

One time there was a bee named Joe that was collecting nectar. Joe passed by the royals rose. The royal rose is the flower that has the sweetest, and most nectar on it. The Royals Rose belongs to the queen bee and nobody is allowed to touch it. As Joe was passing by the queens rose a walnut fell on him and hurt his wing. After that Joe heard an alarm go off. He realized that the alarm was the alarm that meant the royals rose's nectar was being stolen. Joe looked over at the rose and there he saw was a bee with a mask on and was carrying away the roses nectar.

Joe tried to get up and get help but his wing was to hurt to get up. Then Joe saw a bunch of the queens guards run up to the rose and look for the suspect. By then the criminal got away. As the queen bee's guards were examining the flower, an Ant saw Joe lying on the Ground And shouted, " Look, there is the thief, right there on the ground." After that, the guards rush Joe to the Prison. Joe spent the rest of his life in prison.