North vs. South

The Great Civil War


The president of the North was Abraham Lincoln.He was against slavery so the people from the South seceded from the North and started their own country.

The president of the South was Jefferson Davis and he was for slavery so the North didn't agree with him.

Military Leaders

The leader of the North military was Ulysses S. Grant. The leader for the South was Robert E. Lee

Cultural Differences

The North was more educated and since they did have more money, they could afford nicer clothes than the South.The south on the other hand was less educated and were farmers.They wore more causal clothes, and had less money.


The north wanted higher taxes on foreign goods since they make their own goods.The south wanted lower taxes on foreign goods since they get supplies overseas.


The northern side had a huge advantage since they did have 12 more states than the south.The north also had a much bigger population(23 million) meaning that more people were soldiers.They had 2.1 million in the army.


The south were at a big disadvantage.They had about 9 million people living there and 3.5 million were slaves.In the army, they only had about 100,000 to 1.5 million.