Cave of the Ghost

In Southern Venezuela, along the slopes of Aprada-Tepui

Some fun facts about our cave!

  • It's large enough for 2 helicopters to land in the opening
  • It's one of the most biologically rich, geologically ancient and unspoiled parts of the world
  • The cave is 150m wide and 50m high
  • It's the largest quartzite cave in the world
  • Scientists have found a new species of poison dart frogs called the Dendrobatid Frog


People from all around the world come to our cave to explore and climb into and on this beautiful work of mother nature.
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About us!

The Cueva del Fantasma is interpreted as the remain of an impressive gorge. The narrow gorge collapsed at the rim and was thus closed to form an enormous cavern. A spectacular waterfall comes down from its wall forming a pond at the floor, making the atmosphere even more surreal.