The Young and The Homeless

by Michelle Bell

How does homelessness occur?

Homelessness is normally a last resort "solution"to whatever the issue is. Some kids will do it because of at home abuse. It'll cause them to run away from the (sexual) abuse and to what they think will be better. Others do it because they have been kicked out and they simply don't really have any other choice. There are many other reasons beside these though, such as homophobia (discrimination) and poverty. The kids end up homeless because they don't feel supported and loved, this is why they run away, seeking a better life. A lot of homeless youth are classified as bad kids, but they are really just trying to survive.

Problems with Youth Homelessness

Some common problems youth face are unemployment, sex slavery, and being uneducated. These types of issues lead them to stay on the street or give them a much harder life if they do get out. Or in some cases, they could end up dead. These are real issues that over 10 000 youths face, just in Toronto alone.


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