Intense Journey of Kokoda

How Chloe Turns Her Life Around

Chloe's Story

Swimming was her passion. Her dream was to go to the olympics. Until one day it all changed.

Chloe was in a terrible car crash. she suffered of extremely bad injuries in the skull, stomach and legs. This left her in a hospital bed heart brocken. The nurses said that she should be out of the hospital in 9-8 months, but dew to her optimistic thoughts she was out and about in only 3 months!

The Kakoda Trail

Determined not to give uo in life she wanted to do something amazing! 96km, rough terrain, in Papa New Guinea she decided to walk the Kakoda Trail. Although her body acked vigorously she persisted and kept on going until she found herself walking through the Arch. She had done it. She had completed the Kakoda trail. Chole someone who had just gone through a horrible stage in life had done something that people with normal strengths have not been able to do.