A visit to Merryhill Elementary

March- Art and Music in our Schools Month

Mrs. Shallenberger, Mrs. Cruell, Mrs. Sylvester, and Mrs. Lyons classes

The students have been learning about the American Pop Artist Andy Warhol. The students discovered that Pop Art is about popular people, popular food, and popular things. Excited to experience their own Pop Art the students created an ice cream cone collage.

In music the students discussed high and low pitch, and have enjoyed using scarves and instruments in their music class.

Creating a Bridge

Celebrating Art and Music in our schools month gives the PreK students the opportunity to participate in a lesson by our specialty teachers who are licensed educators and have a degree in their area of study. It also creates a bridge from PreK to Merryhill Elementary giving the students an opportunity to meet our staff, students, and visit our beautiful campus.