War of 1812

By Royal.Evans

sequence of events

I will explain the sequence in order that happend in the war of 1812


In 1809 James Madison became president. He tried to keep the nation neutral.However a group of congressmen called the war hawks argued in favor of war against Great Britian. henry clay from south carolina was a leader of this group

Leading up to war

In this war neither side wanted its enemy to trade with the united states . Both France and Great Britain threatened to attack American ships and take their cargo .Great Britain also blockaded French ports so the united states could not ship goods to and from France

The war at sea

Early in the war the united states tried several times to invade canada but did not succeed .However the small united states Navy did win some important victories over the powerful British navy.The American warship uss constitution defeated a British warship.

Battles on land

In August 1814 the British attacked Washington D.C. President Madison and other leaders were forced to flee the city. Dolley Madison the presidents wife did not have time to pack mu at all. But she would not leave without one important item namely a famous portrait of George Washington. After she and others escaped the British set fire to the White House,capitoal, Treasury,and other important government buildings.

Fighting for New Orleans

By the end of 1814 the united states and Great Britain had been fighting for more than 2 years. Neither side was winning. They agreed to end the war. They signed a peace treaty in the city of Ghent Belgium in December. News of the treaty took several weeks to make it across the atlantic ocean to the soldiers still fighting in the united states.

The return of peace

The Treaty of Ghent, which ended the war simply returned things to the way they were before the conflict. When the war between Britain and France ended in 1815 so did American problems with British naval policies. One major effect of the war 1812 was that many Americans felt more confident about their new nation. the battle of New Orleans had stood up to Great Britain the most powerful nation on the earth. some people have even called the war of 1812 "the second war of independence". It created strong feelings of patriotism and nationalism or pride i the nation. It made many Americans feel more united than ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!