John Wesley Powell

civil war hero and expolered the uncharted Colorada river

by Gaberiel Junior Hastings

who is John Wesley Powell?

John was born on march 24 1834 to the parents of Joseph Powell and Mary Dean with 4 other sibblings. but then the civil war broke out john and his brother quickly joined the fight in 1861 then ended because of a shot arm john was quickly to a medic fast it had to be amputated but then john went back to the civil war for 3 more years.

a little know it all

after fighting in the civil war John became, professer at the illinois wesleyen university. where he studied geology an d form of moutains
The Powell Expedition

a journey

john went on a trip to the colorado river but not for a vacation he wanted to explore it, he asked 10 men to come with them he wrote in his journal that it was to dried not enough for people in the future .

a 2nd trip

John had to make a second trip down the river in order to map it out