Learning about Solar Energy

North Barrington is receiving solar panels

A Little History

Last year Dr. Becky Gill wrote a grant through Earth Wind and Solar Energy to be part of their school and education our reach program. Earth Wind and Solar Energy, LLC (EWSE) is Illinois first female minority owned company that specializes in installation of renewable energy systems and energy efficiencies. They are a premier designer and installer for commercial and residential 'green' power. The solar panels not only have the potential to save us money, they have an endless learning potential for our staff and students.
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Start learning about solar Energy today!

Bill Nye How Stuff Works Solar Energy

Classroom Lesson Resources

Here are a few resources you can use with your class.

Primary Energy Infobook

Solar Energy Fact Sheet

Energy Kids Scavenger Hunt

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Let's have a Solarbration!

The solar panels are being installed this week. Be thinking about how you can get your class involved in the excitement. How can we let our parents and community know about this fabulous resources being granted to our school? We will talk more about this at our next Wednesday staff meeting.