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Mrs. Busch's 2nd Grade 2016-2017 Class (Week of 12/12-12/16)

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Holidays Around the World Continued: We can use both Non-Fiction and Traditional Literature to Learn About Cultures

This week we were very busy "traveling" all around the world to learn about holiday traditions and legends in different countries! We continued to learn about a new genre- Traditional Literature. We continued to notice different elements a reader might uncover while reading texts from the Traditional Literature genre.

This past week we went to Germany and learned about the "Legend of the Evergreen Trees". Then we headed to Russia and learned about the Babushka. The students noticed how the Babushka is so similar to the Old Befana in Italy! After Russia, we traveled to Israel and learned all about the history of Hanukkah. Next, we traveled to continent, Australia! We discovered how Australian children celebrate on the beach during Christmas. We finally ended our week in Sweden. We learned all about St. Lucia's Day and celebrated with hot cinnamon biscuits like children from Sweden might do on St. Lucia's Day.

It was a week full of making text-to-text connections with different legends around the world, as well as making text-to-self connections by analyzing traditions and traditional literature from each country.

We are so excited to keep going on our travels this coming week! Up Next: Mexico, the continent of Africa and staying in the country, South Africa and finally coming back to the United States to celebrate a traditional Christmas.

Places We Traveled Last Week:

2nd Grade Holiday Program

Thank you to all those who attended the evening program. I know the kids were so excited about getting on stage to sing and perform all the songs they've been working on with Mrs. Kunkel. It was amazing to see how much the students have learned about other cultures. They have grown to appreciate all the similarities and differences of those around them! What an amazing life long attitude and skill to have!!
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Writing Celebration- Nonfiction Writing

The month of December we have been working on developing an informational writing piece where the students have to 'teach' their readers about a topic they are passionate about and have lots of background knowledge.

We finally got to celebrate each other's writing with our 2nd writing celebration this school year! The students were in groups of 4-5 and each took turns being a listener and an author. They gave compliments and took notice of each writing. It was so wonderful to see their passions come through in their writing and the excitement of sharing with their peers.

(We will be doing more informational writing in the school year with more research involved.)

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"I Can" Statements-

These are weekly things we will focus much our learning on this coming week. Use these statements as great talking points in your conversations!

Reading –
I can identify aspects of literature that tell me if a book is fiction or nonfiction. I can study the genre: Traditional Literature, and identify traits and features of this genre.

I can write facts and opinions about different countries and their traditions.

I can write about a topic I know a lot about and use headings to organize my ideas.

I can celebrate my nonfiction writing with my classmates!

I can review chapter 4.
I can add and subtract two digit numbers without regrouping.
I can use a 'rounding roller coaster' to help me round to the nearest 10 or 100. I understand that rounding is a tool mathematicians use to help estimate.

Important "Need to Knows":

  • Reading Homework-
    In place of our reading logs last week, the students were given an informative holiday traditional piece to write so they could teach their classmates about something special they do with their families during the holidays. Please answer the following questions in your writing:

    · What is a special holiday your family celebrates in December (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc.)?

    · How does your family celebrate this holiday? Do you go anywhere? Who do you go with? How do you decorate for this holiday? What is your favorite part of celebrating this holiday?

    These are due tomorrow, Monday, December 19th. We will be reading these aloud during class time this week.

  • Holidays Around the World- On Monday we will continue our trip around the world! Through this unit we will be learning about other cultures and their traditions they celebrate. Through this journey the hope is that we can better understand our traditions as well as the traditions of those around us.
    **Things we need:
    We are in need of toilet paper or paper towel rolls for a holiday project. If you have any extra rolls, please send them with your child. Thanks!

  • Our Classroom Christmas Stockings- We are having a "Traditional Christmas" and each student will be making a Christmas stocking, while patiently waiting for our Christmas Party! If you are able to send 25 small "somethings" for the stockings, we would appreciate it! I am encouraging 'gifts from the heart' and these don't have to cost any money! If only costs time being spent thoughtful of our friends.

  • Feel free to send whatever you’d like, but some ideas of things we brainstormed this week for the stockings include:
  • 25 Holiday stickers
  • 25 Small candies
  • 25 Pencils
  • 25 Erasers
  • 25 Hand-written special notes
  • 25 Hand-drawn pictures
  • 25 Tattoos
  • 25 Other special goodies
  • 25 Special small snacks
  • 25 Small toys

  • If you wish to order a book through the Scholastic News Book Club, please follow the steps below:
  • ENTER the one-time Class Activation Code- MCCMK
  • SHOP from a carefully curated selection of the best books and value packs
  • SUBMIT your order and earn FREE Books for our classroom
  • All book orders will be shipped to our classroom so we can celebrate the joy of reading together!

  • Word Study- There will not any word study test this week. We will just be reviewing word patterns during this time.

Holiday Party

Thursday, Dec. 22nd, 2:15-3pm

595 South Harbour Drive

Noblesville, IN

Our class holiday party starts on Thursday afternoon after all-school caroling in the gym.

Winter Break Begins

Thursday, Dec. 22nd, 3:30pm

595 South Harbour Drive

Noblesville, IN

Our last day of school is this coming Thursday!

Back to School!

Tuesday, Jan. 10th 2017 at 8:30am

595 South Harbour Drive

Noblesville, IN

School is back in session!