Miss. Pahl's Science/ S.S

Week of March 28th

White/ Gold/ Purple


Monday- Continents Quiz

Tuesday-Continents Quiz( only if they haven't received an 100%)

Wednesday-Continents Quiz( only if they haven't received an 100%)

Thursday-Continents Quiz( only if they haven't received an 100%)

Friday- Overview Test

This week in Social Studies we will be reviewing. Concepts students will be looking at are the seven continents, the 4 civilizations, and religions. This week they will be taking a continents quiz. Students will be taking this quiz until they get a 100% on it or until Thursday. Students can study at home using the provided Quizizz code " 86678".


Monday- Work on Project

Tuesday-Work on Project

Wednesday- Design Process DUE

Thursday-Work on Project

Friday- Material list DUE

This week will be a work week in science. I will be giving the students time in class to work on their Science Project. This week, they have two due dates for this project.

REMINDER-PROTOTYPES ARE TO BE MADE AT HOME. We will be doing the typing and research at school.

Weekly Homework

This week there is NO weekly homework :)