Exemplary Leadership

The Five Practices and Ten Commitments

The Five Rights by Kousez and Posner:

1. Model the way

- Find and embrace your own values, and use them to set the right example.

2. Envision the future

- Look forward and inspire and excite others about future potential.

3. Challenge the process

- Always look for ways to create change, and seek to always find a better way.

4. Enable others to act

- Do not stand alone. Build a team and empower each other.

5. Encourage the heart

- Be proud of the accomplishments of the team. Celebrate success.

The Ten Commitments by Kousez and Posner:

1. Find your voice by clarifying your personal values.

2. Set the example by aligning actions with shared values.

3. Envision the future by imagining exciting and ennobling activities.

4. Enlist others in a common vision by appealing to shared aspirations.

5. Search for opportunities by seeking innovative ways to change, grow and improve.

6. Experiment and take risks by constantly generating small wins and learning from mistakes.

7. Foster collaboration by promoting cooperative goals and building trust.

8. Strengthen others by sharing power and discretion.

9. Recognize contributions by showing appreciation for individual excellence.

10. Celebrate the values and victories by creating a spirit community.