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December 2013

Using Excel - The Cost of Christmas

Kindergarten - 2nd grade

Students go to and select items they would like to have. They type the list in Excel along with prices then use the autosum feature to see how much they would cost. Teachers could give their students a budget that they must stay within.

3rd - 5th Grade

Visit and figure out the cost of the 12 days of Christmas.

Each year, the PNC Christmas Price Index® is used in classrooms as an entertaining, simple way to introduce basic economic concepts. The change in the prices of Christmas gifts, year after year, provides an excellent lesson on inflation and other economic trends. Plus, similarities to the U.S. Consumer Price Index make it a fun and easy way to study economic indicators.

For 2013, PNC is creating an unprecedented experience to help deliver the cost of Christmas. The updated site offers a chance to build and customize each of the gifts, and provides a price chart and explanation of how the PNC Christmas Price Index was determined.


Kindergarten - 2nd grade

Using Kidspiration to create patterns using holiday themed pictures. In Kidspiration go to activities then under math find "Patterns" this is an activity I created. It is just lines and numbers. The students will have to create the patterns. You can tell them to create an AB pattern for line 1, an AAB pattern for line 2, and etc. Here is an example...

Big image

3rd - 5th Grade

Using Kidspiration students summarize The Polar Express or any other book. The lesson below is for The Polar Express.

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