The Principal's Nest

November- Parent Edition

Emphasis on Reading


As you know, we had a great year with student growth last year. We have seen a direct correlation with student achievement and reading stamina. We are asking that parents join our school in reinforcing reading each night. We will be doing a few reading challenges throughout the year, but we hope to make reading a passion for our students. Allow your child to explore books and read what they like. 20 minutes of reading at night will help your child's vocabulary, conversation, and performance in the classroom. We ask that you not see this as "homework" rather a way to assist your child's progress and life long learning experience.

Why we should all be reading aloud to children | Rebecca Bellingham | TEDxYouth@BeaconStreet

TSI School Letter - Being sent home today.

As you know, last year we, along with around 28 other schools in the county were designated as a TSI-AT (Targeted Support & Improvement Additional Targeted Support)

by the North Carolina State Board of Education. As stated in ESSA Section 1111(d)(2), North Carolina had to identify schools for targeted support and improvement. TSI-AT schools in North Carolina are those that have a subgroup that is under-performing. TSI-CU schools in North Carolina are those schools that have a subgroup that is consistently under-performing over an extended period of time. The intent of this opportunity is to improve educational outcomes for all students, close achievement gaps, increase equity, and improve the quality of instruction.

Luckily, this last year, was one of the best years we've had in terms of student performance and growth. All subgroups within our school met growth standards. For us to be removed from the TSI list, we must meet this goal for 3 years straight. So, we are well on our way to removing this label from our school.

If you have questions about which subgroups were underperforming, please email me or call me, as it would be best to not isolate any students. All information can be found online on our school report card.

Important Information and Reminders

1. Lost and Found Items:

Please write your child's name in their belongings. We are experiencing a high volume of lost and found items each day. It will help us to determine how to get the item back to the student.

2. Carpool AM Drop off:

Please do not begin dropping off students in the morning before 8:20. We want to make sure that staff is in place, as safety is a priority. We also ask that you not send students to cross the street from the middle lane in morning carpool. The middle loop is not for drop off. It is for those who wish to park and walk their children up to the office area or into the school foyer.

3. Holiday parties and giving:

Remember, as you bring in items for holiday parties, please remember that food brought in from home should be prepackaged/prepared in a sanitary environment such a food facility. Please check with the classroom teacher to find out if there are any dietary restrictions for students in the class.

If you are looking for ideas to give your classroom teacher, there is a book in the office with every teacher's "likes and loves". Please feel free to ask our office assistants about it and look through it.

4. Parent/Teacher Communication:

As we get deeper into our school year, please keep communication open with your child's teacher. Find out whether your teacher prefers communication through Dojo, email, text, remind or other communication methods. If you're not getting enough communication, let the teacher know or notify the grade level administrator (K-2 Mrs. McDuffie/ Counselor is Mr. Tyndall and 3-5 Mr. McNeill/ Counselor is McDonough)

Upcoming Dates

November 19th:

All Pro Dad's Meeting- 7:30 am in the cafeteria

Progress Reports come home

November 20th:

Fall Picture Make Up Day

November 27-29th

Thanksgiving Break

December 9th:

PTA Holiday Meeting and Singing Owls Concert

December 18th:

Girls on the Run is sponsoring a Blood Drive: 1-6 pm (Gym)

December 20th:

Early Dismissal- All students and staff released by 1:50

December 23rd- January 3rd, 2020

Christmas Holiday Break: