CESA 3 YRBS Data Retreat

Friday, February 5, 2016 from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

Data Retreat Workshops are designed to provide an illuminating journey for educator teams. The journey can be foggy, and frustrating – or it can be clear and rewarding. What we do know is that the adventure is best undertaken collaboratively and reflectively.

Bring your team to CESA 3 for a day of digging into your district's Youth Risk Behavior Survey results. I will be partnering with your county UW-Extension staff, helping to sift through all the information. We can help develop presentations for your staff, your board, your community with your district's personalized data.

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When our efforts aren’t integrated and aligned…how likely is our actual progress?

I think this speaks to our purpose here. Our area schools put in time and effort getting their students to take part in the Youth Risk Behavior Survey. But what do we do with that information? Let's take some time, look at the data and develop a plan forward.

Cost: Free for Safe and Healthy Schools members and $50/team (up to 4) for non-members