It's effects are paralyzing

What is it?

Rohypnol is a drug shaped in a small white pill that was intended to be for the short- term treatment of chronic or severe insomniacs. The active ingredient in the drug is Flunitrazepam which works quickly to sedate or relax the muscles in your body by depressing your central nervous system. Rohypnol has the ability to cause strong amnesia.

How is it taken?

Rohypnol in numerous ways for example-

1. The user can crush the pills and snort

2. Crush it and sprinkle it on marijuana and smoke

3. Dissolve it in a drink

4. inject it into the body

Slang/ Street Names



- Roofies

- Roofinol



-Forget- me pill




How does the Rohypnol affect the body?

Short Term Affects-

- creates a sleepy, relaxed feeling that lasts for 2- 8 hours

- blackouts

-complete/ partial loss of memory


- nausea

- difficulty with motor movements and speaking

Long Term Affects-

-Can produce a physical and pychological dependence

Signs of Addiction/ Dependence

Missing school or work to take the drug

Extreme amount of headaches

Cannot function without taking the drug

Impaired speech or balance

Respiratory depression

Feelings of intoxication


Reasons for addiction

~just from simply trying it

~usually this drug is taking with a conjunction drug or alcohol so the effects may become intensifiyed

How long does it take to become addicted?

~you can become addicted as early as one week after using the drug

~someone who takes the drug once can become addicted to it

Withdrawal from the Drug


~muscle pain

~extreme anxiety



~numbness and tingling

~loss of identity


~multiple seizures