Digital Learning Services

News and Updates from ESD 112

Welcome to the new school year!

It seems like each school year brings changes in funding, faces and focus. And this year will be no different.


  • Ed Tech Cuts in Washington
    In a last-minute compromise budget, the state legislature eliminated funding for the statewide Educational Technology Support Center program. Dennis Small will remain our contact at OSPI through some Basic Ed funding, but he no longer has staff to help him, so his ability to support Ed Tech efforts in the state will be greatly reduced. Like OSPI and the other ESD's, ESD 112's Ed Tech funding was eliminated too. We are still here to provide leadership and services, but with a new identity...Digital Learning Services! Please take time to read our online brochure to learn more about the changes in our program, our mission and our services.
  • Increased technology dollars
    There was some good news for districts, though. The legislature increased the number of dollars earmarked for technology through the ___ program. Write more information here.
  • The modernization of E-Rate
    Finally, districts have the opportunity to provide input regarding the modernization of the E-Rate program that provides discounts and rebates on their telecommunications costs. Read the email message sent by Dennis Small, Director of Educational Technology at OSPI, on September 3, or go the online E-Rate Modernization Toolkit to get information that will help you and other school leaders to voice concerns and recommendations about the federal E-Rate program.