The New, New York!

A Middle Colony

Our History

New York was originally part of New Netherlands. This Dutch colony had been founded after Henry Hudson first explored it in 1609. They began trading with the Native Americans already there. The New York Colony was founded by the Duke of York in 1626 on Manhattan Island. England then came along years later. In 1664 the Dutch (Peter Stuyvesant) lose New Netherland to the British who the rename it New York after the founder Duke of York. Britain wanted settlements here because they were interested in the natural wealth from the resources in the New York colony, so they could send these goods to England. The reason New York was founded was for trade and profits but now there is so much more.

Settle Here!

Geography, Opportunity, and More

The New York Colony is a middle colony located above Pennsylvania and New Jersey, below Canada, and to the left of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. The ground is rocky and good for farming once the rocks are removed. Since there is good soil, growing crops such as tobacco, potatoes, and corn it is easy to farm and is beneficial to our economy. We have beautiful mountains, plain, and rolling hills. The Hudson River also runs through the colony providing water and transportation. Part of New York is bordering the Atlantic Ocean too. These bodies of water allow easy access to trade with the British and transport goods.

New York is situated between Catholic Maryland and Puritan New Hampshire, resulting in settlers of many faiths. We have many religious freedoms so all faiths are welcome! There are many minority religions, but Protestantism is the most popular religion because both the English and the Dutch were Protestant. New York has a governor and an elected assembly. The colony is run by a governor appointed by the king of England. He makes all the laws, and there is little self-government. The Charter of Liberties gives free rights to all Dutch and English settlers.

You can make your living here just like everyone else! Fur, lumber trading, shipping, slave trading , and mercantilism and tradesman are just a few jobs you can pursue. Most colonists are farmers, who clear large acres of land by hand to grow crops. Corn is the most popular, but flax, wheat, vegetables, and tobacco are grown too. Some colonists mine for iron to send to England for manufacturing into finished goods. When you come to New York your problem won't be finding a job, it will be trying to choose which one you want!

So hop on a boat and begin your journey to New York! It is an easy decision you will not regret. Get the full new world experience in New York!

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