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A Great Lunch Party!!

I still remember the days of my college life, the pranks we played with friends, mixing vodka into juice. Wow! Those days were amazing! We used to hang out with friends almost every weekend. Dance party’s on Friday nights was something that I can never ever forget. Well, after a long time, I enjoyed this pleasure again. It was a lunch party at my friend’s home. Richard is a very special friend of mine and his mom is really kind hearted. They invited me for lunch. Well, Richard’s mom cooked a number of dishes of my favorite. She knew it because I have been to Richard’s home several times. The dishes were served. Panko-Crusted Fish Served over Kale, Fried Chicken Chimichangas, Roasted Green Beans and a Fried Rice were the dishes. Though she wanted to cook some more items but due to lack of time, she was unable to cook. But anyways, the food was great. I just loved the food.

A sweet dish was also served later by his mom. After a while, we gathered at the living room and started playing the music. The beautiful drinks with cucumber soup were also ordered by Richard. Wow! It was really amazing. I guess I was enjoying such a kind of lunch party after a long time. While we were at the middle of the party, Richard’s mom took out an electronic cigarette and lit it. That was quite surprising for me as Richard doesn’t vape but his mother does. On being asked, she told me that she was using e cigarette from White Cloud. She also told me that her hubby uses South Beach Smoke. I guess this brand is a highly used e cigarette brands as many of my friends are also using it.

I am also thinking to switch towards these battery functioned devices and in order to get detailed information, I have been checking on the reviews found on the web. The electronic cigarette reviews are quite satisfactory. Let’s hope for the best. But overall, the lunch party was a great one. This time I am thinking to host a party at my home. Moreover, I have my cousin’s birthday. So why not plan a grand dinner party?