World Studies

11th January.

Monday MAL

The first half of Monday's MAL is broken into different meetings including NQT and WLT.

This only therefore affecting Geography. Geographers I'd like you to be working on plans for the parent revision sessions and we'll catch up with you in the second half.

Learning Sweeps

Sweeps will be looking at the use of Purple Pen so if someone comes into your classroom they're going to be looking particularly at this. Please be confident in the huge improvement we've made as a team and let your observer know where to look!

P.S. don't whip the pens out when you're mid-lesson.

BDA out Wednesday and Friday.

New Year 7 class!

Liz Cooper has done some fantastic lessons with her new Year 7 group over the last week. Aaron, Will and Lila please go speak to her as she has really nailed her approach to these students.