YLD Newsletter

Issue 3

Hello! Check out the great activities and tips in this weeks newsletter. This week we focused on kindness, showing appreciation to others and personal wellness. We are also sharing about the YLD Year of STEM! Did you know we offered 3 different STEM additives to clubs this year? STEM clubs were hosted at 3 club sites this year. This week we are highlighting the 3D printing club! Stay tuned for next weeks newsletter where we will share about another awesome YLD Club additive from this school year.

Who is your positive adult? A parent, aunt, uncle, neighbor, older cousin, coach, teacher? It could be anyone who supports you. Someone who believes in you, helps you, gives trusted advice and is there for you when you have a problem. This week take a moment to say thank you with these fun Orgimi Flowers. These links will bring you to different types of Origami flowers that you can try! Make as many as you want but lets give one that we make to a positive adult in your life. Not able to see your positive adults right now? Snap a picture and send it to them, it will be sure to brighten their day!

How To Make Simple Easy Paper Flower।Origami flower for kids।Easy Origami flower


Here is a super easy and another club favorite service project idea that you can do at home, Positive Notes! Write out simple positive messages on paper, note cards or post it notes and leave them as a surprise for people to find!

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Thanks to a wonderful partnership with The Greater Cincinnati Stem Collaborative (GCSC) this club year we were able to offer three different STEM( Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Program additives to clubs at 3 different club sites .THATS RIGHT, THREE!!! Over the next couple weeks we will highlight the of the clubs that were offered.

3D Printer Club at Newport High School -Ms. Lacy

3D Printing Club at Newport High School was an energetic group of 7th graders who had so much enthusiasm experiencing science in a practical manner. The exploring of kinetic energy through rubber bands had us all cheering on spools and popsicle vehicles as they catapulted down the hallway. The group flexed their creativity muscles with the fidget spinner making activity, sure to be the envy of their class mates. The youth used shapes like swimming flippers and the Deathly Hallows symbol to hug the ball bearings, making these one of a kind toys.

The collaboration experienced by the club enabled new comers to fit right in and get up to speed on their 3D-printed cars. There was much harmony and collaboration in 3D Printer’s Club involving the sharing of knowledge around Tinkercad and measurement processes. The advantages of the small group were that the best of everyone got to come to light. It presented many opportunities for youth to display strengths in calculations, optimism, artistic creativity, and perseverance. We had themed vehicles made like a shark mobile, a covered wagon, and one modeled off the infamous Batmobile. Lamborghinis were a huge source of inspiration for the youth in their design process, which lead to supplementary conversations about goal setting.

Often, the youth were not ready to leave their projects behind for the week at the end of club days. The lesson learned there was the importance of taking good notes in order to pick back up where they had left off, and to prevent mistakes from happening repeatedly. Bonds were strengthened between youth and I feel confident they left each meeting having learned something new about physics, the design process, and themselves.


The STEM program additives are possible thanks to the Greater Cincinnati STEM Collaborative (GCSC). Learn more about the awesome things they are doing here!

Census what?!?!

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