Jumpin For Joy in JULY!!!

Dot Diva's Stella & Dot Team Newsletter

A month in review!

WHAT!!!!! Who said July was the slowest month of the year… no one on the Dot Divas. I am so impressed words can't even explain. What an incredible month for our team. So many amazing goals set, an awesome foundation was supported by so many, and new fabulous members were added to our team. I know that August will begin what is going to be a record breaking year for this team. So many things to be excited about.

Here is my goal for all of us….

1. We went to Hoopla with 1 Star Stylist… We are going to end 2014 with 6+ STARS… YES YOU HEARD ME… So many people are shooting for this… and why wouldn't you??!!! This is the time to do it… any Star Stylists by the end of the year will have shares in our 2 new companies… who doesn't love FREE MONEY. hahaha

2. We went to Hoopla as a team of 7… we are going back next year with over 20!!!

3. Glam Getaway Incentive is on…. we are going on this trip as a TEAM. Who's with me…. I want to see at least 6 Dot Divas earn this fabulous trip!!!

4. I want 1 dance video posted daily!!! Who doesn't want a prize?!!! Come on ladies… get your dancing shoes in gear and have some fun with us!

Ok I am dreaming high and shooting for the moon. I have all the confidence in you ladies. I am here to help. Please let me know your goals and we can work at them TOGETHER!!!

xoxo all my love!


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Quickstart Bonus Bag

Natali Elledge

Shari Pawlus

Danielle Currie

Kristen Makins

Livin' it up because this girl is top in sales AGAIN!!!! Natali Elledge #1 - $4301.57

Natali, words can't explain how excited I am for you and your booming business. Only 2 months in and top in sales for both of those months, growing your team and already have 1 rockstar stylist!!! You are breaking records and making things happen!!!! I am so proud of you.

I just want to add that Natali has had such great success beginning her business because she asks everyone to host, she works on hostess coaching, and she held 4 trunk shows in July. She also earned over $1200 in free product from her jumpstart!!!! She watches videos, follows the new stylist guide, and puts her plans into action. That's the way to do it Natali!!! Way to go girl!

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Top in Sales!

1 Natali Elledge $4,301.57

Kristen Makins $3,221.19

2 Shari Pawlus $2,020.70

3 Danielle Currie $1,787.75

4 Hailey Riley $1,418.40

5 Carrie Browning $1,396.37

6 Kristin Terpstra $1,246.60

7 Alyssa Pinnock $1,212.50

8 Robin Peruggia $1,028.24

9 Katie Caparros $998.20

10 Jennifer Kim $991.03

Rolling in the Dough....Extra 5% Commission!

Natali Elledge

Kristen Makins

FREE Business Supplies! Sold $500+

Shari Pawlus

Danielle Currie

Hailey Riley

Carrie Browning

Kristin Terpstra

Alyssa Pinnock

Robin Peruggia

Katie Caparros

Jennifer Kim

Audra Gilman

Jackie Martin

Corinna LaHiff

Jennifer Corr

Marissa Youngs

Brooklyn Brusse

amy darby

Johanne Jensen-Ives

Dana Rumsey

melissa waters

Top in Qualified Sponsorships

Johanne Jensen-Ives - 1

Finish Summer Strong!!!

There is so much to think about in August and so many people with incredible goals. A couple of tips….

1. FILL UP YOUR AUGUST CALENDAR - August will set you up for a great holiday season. Let's all shoot for 6 shows in August to make everything set for a smooth fall.

2. SPONSOR, SPONSOR, SPONSOR - now is the time! With the new comp plan coming out. Having a team is easier and more financially rewarding. Share, talk, ask…. and see how you will be working SMARTER NOT HARDER.

2. Utilize the Enlighten bracelet for the next 2 days. August 7th is the last day to order and they will ship in October. Get people thinking about holiday gifts.

3. Tote shows for Labor Day or while you are on vacation. Send a friend with some of your jewels, catalogs, order forms and tell her she needs 4 orders totaling $500+ and she will get $100 in product plus a free engravable… from doing nothing!!!! She can collect these while hanging out with family and friends during vacation or holiday.