Jeremy Beachy

M. A. Psychology

A little bit about me...

I’m Jeremy Beachy, I was born in Indiana where I lived until March of 2015 when I moved to Fort Worth Texas because of a work transfer. I have been married since 1998 years and have three children. I also have a yellow lab named Dairi and a Turtle named Splinter.

I have been in the Air Force Reserve for 13 years and been able to travel to Qatar, Turkey, Afghanistan, Germany and England as well as about 32 of the 50 States. I also work for the Dept. of the Air Force as an Air Reserve Technician doing the same job as a civilian as I do for the military. I earned my associates degree in Aircrew Safety Systems through the Community College of the Air Force, a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Ashford University and I am currently working on a Master’s degree in psychology through Ashford University. My long term educational goal is to earn a PsyD in clinical psychology. I am hoping to attend the University of North Texas to earn my PsyD.

I love to run and help people become better at running, I also enjoy traveling, First person shooter video games (even though I am not very good at them) and I also enjoy roller coaster parks, where I look for the highest and fastest coaster so I can question why I wanted to ride that ride as the car works its way to the top of the first drop. I also enjoy watching horror, action and sci-fi films.