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Reminders and Updates from EdTech

EdTech Website

Use the EdTech Resource page to remind yourself of all of the services that IT provides. Here you can find tutorials and documents to use in your classroom. We are in the process of updating all tutorials to a new Google Doc format, so if you don't see something available right now, know that it will be linked back with the new format soon!

You can also easily search for tutorials and resources using our new Helpdesk HelpCenter - check it out here!

Filtering Training

If you took your filtering training last year, it will expire at the end of December 2017. The new filtering course is now available that will extend you to December 2018.

Aeries User Interface Update

Over the summer, the Aeries user interface was updated. While colors and fonts have changed, the overall functionality and location of items is extremely familiar. Updates showing the new interface on the tutorials and guides are located here. The Aeries Gradebook will benefit you by providing your parents with access to their child's grades throughout the year and you can easily transfer the grades from your gradebook to the report card.


Canvas is our district adopted course management solution (CMS). Here is a newsletter for teachers returning to Canvas to ensure they start the year off right. You may notice some important changes and new updates to features within Canvas. Please be sure to read through this flyer for more details.

Also, make sure that the new Parent Observer How-To is sent home along with the Canvas Parent Letter.

If you are interested in learning more about Canvas, please email


Google Apps for Education is available to all students and staff in the district. Look for trainings throughout the year to learn to use Docs, Forms, Sheets, and Slides in your classroom.

District-Adopted Software

IUSD has contracts with vendors that binds them to state law requirements of sharing student data.

Non-District Adopted Software

If you plan on using software that the district has not adopted, you will need to get a parent's signature if you are sending any data to a third-party. The parent letter is linked below and can be edited in Microsoft Word.

Link to editable parent letter

For more examples of Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs) click on the link below.


Access for your students for district applications like Benchmark, Journeys, Springboard, Go Math, Integrated Math, First In Math, Typing Agent, and OverDrive are all in one centralized location with only one sign-in.

Nearpod Scope and Sequence for Digital Citizenship

Each year, we are required by the state to teach our students about digital citizenship. Some of our IUSD librarians have created a scope and sequence which shows the Nearpod lessons to teach at each grade level. You can easily search the lesson titles in the Nearpod Explore section and directions for this are on pages 3-4 of the scope and sequence. For more resources on teaching digital citizenship beyond Nearpod, check out the Canvas page:


Schoolnet is available to make online assessments. Schoolnet allows you to develop common assessments that can be shared by multiple teachers and grade levels. Updates will be sent in a separate email a couple of weeks from now. For any needed assistance, please contact

OverDrive and Destiny

OverDrive is a platform of high interest fiction e-books available to students 24-7 for check-out. Students can easily access it through Clever. Find more information on how to get started here.

Destiny is our library software and portal that allows students and teachers to search district databases as well as the school site library collection to use in research and vetted resource gathering.

Help Desk

For any technology issue, please contact our Help Desk. We’ll make sure that your request is routed to the best IT team member to support you.

936-5060 (M-F, 7am-4pm)