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September 14 - Upcoming sessions for Continuous Improvement

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Here are the upcoming Capacity Building sessions from ESC Region 11’s Continuous Improvement team.

Our Continuous Improvement team would love to support you. Capacity Building sessions provide learning specifically for leaders! We would be honored if you would join us in these virtual sessions designed for you.

FEATURED: Ready to Elevate Your School Success?

Is your campus experiencing success with student outcomes at the rate you desire? Maybe you have an exceptional staff who are doing all the right things, but your results are still not fully reflected in their efforts. You are not alone. This is a common challenge that school leaders face as they strive for excellence. The solution you seek may lie in tweaking the systems and processes that you and your staff engage in daily. Our Elevating Success Initiative focuses on systems that use common language and highest-leverage school practices to support strategic improvement and growth.

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ESC Region 11 Elevating Success

T-PESS - Texas Principal Evaluation Support System - New T-PESS Appraisers - September 15, 2021

The evaluation system for principals is the Texas Principal Evaluation Support System (T-PESS). Districts may also choose to utilize this system to evaluate assistant principals. This workshop will feature the updated Effective Schools Framework-aligned rubric. Districts are required to adopt this rubric for the 2021-2022 school year. A new assistant principal rubric will also be available. This is the one-day training required for new T-PESS appraisers. There will be half-day (New Rubric Update) sessions required for returning T-PESS appraisers.

Contact Wes Jackson for more details. or 817-740-7638.

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T-PESS Update - Currently Certified T-PESS Appraisers - September 16, 2021

This update is required for currently certified T-PESS appraisers. This workshop will feature the updated Effective Schools Framework-aligned rubric. Districts are required to adopt this rubric for the 2021-2022 school year. A new assistant principal rubric will also be available. The update is for current appraisers who have previously attended the full T-PESS training. A full-day initial T-PESS training is available for new appraisers.

Contact Jennifer Baadsgaard for more details. or 817-740-7640.

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2021-2022 Webinar Series: Taking the Helm and Navigating Accountability - next session September 17

This webinar series is designed to disseminate the most recent updates in accountability. All participants registered will receive information to log into the webinar on the morning of the session. All webinars will be recorded, but only those who attend the live webinar will receive credit.

Contact Elizabeth Schrader for more details. or 817-740-7504.

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NWEA - MAP Growth Basics - September 23, 2021

Learn about key MAP Growth characteristics such as RIT scores, adaptive assessment, instructional level, normative data for both achievement and growth, and state proficiency projections. Experience the MAP Growth test as a student does, learn how to set up and proctor the test, and discuss the importance of preparing students for this type and purpose of assessment. Learn how MAP Growth data connects to instruction, review key MAP Growth reports, and discover MAP Growth resources. Make plans to attend either the morning session beginning at 8:00 a.m. or the afternoon session beginning at 1:00 p.m. Space is limited. Sign up quickly.

Contact LaVonia Nelson for more details. or 817-740-7576.

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Advancing Educational Leadership (AEL) - September 27-30, 2021

Advancing Educational Leadership (AEL) is a three-day training focused on creating positive school culture, establishing and sustaining vision and goals, developing others, power "with" not power over, improving instruction, managing data and processes, and coaching skills. In conjunction with the new state appraisal systems, AEL will be replacing the Instructional Leadership Development (ILD) training used with the previous appraisal system. AEL is a co-requisite for all participants wanting to take the T-TESS training to become a certified Appraiser.

Contact Jeffrey Smith for more details. or 817-740-7561.

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First-Year Assistant Principal Academy beginning September 29, 2021

Through four half-day sessions at the ESC and three individual on-campus coaching sessions, first-time assistant principals will be provided with a structured, systemic induction experience during their first year. This academy helps participants and districts meet the requirements of 19 TAC 241.25: (a) A principal or assistant principal employed for the first time as a campus administrator (including the first time in the state) shall participate in an induction period of at least one year. (b) The induction period should be a structured, systemic process for assisting the new principal or assistant principal in further developing skills in guiding the everyday operation of a school, adjusting to the particular culture of a school district, and developing a personal awareness of self in the campus administrator role. Mentoring support must be an integral component of the induction.

Contact Meredith Perry for more details: or 817-740-3682.

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First-Year Assistant Principal video

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Principal Synergy Network beginning October 5, 2021

Region 11 is home to many outstanding principals who are doing amazing things for our schools. The Principal Synergy Network brings those great minds together to share and collaborate around successful practices.

Contact Wes Jackson for more details:, 817-740-7638

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Charter Schools Roundtable beginning October 19, 2021

Join our Charter School Roundtable meeting! This meeting will consist of charter-specific information and networking opportunities for charter school leaders. Moreover, participants will learn about TEA legislative updates and upcoming professional development sessions directly from ESC Region 11 experts.

Contact Jackie Fagan for more details. or 817-740-3691.

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Tailgating with Region 10 and 11 Assessment Conference - January 19, 2022

Join us at our third annual Region 10 and 11 assessment conference. Sessions will include opportunities to learn from experienced assessment practitioners, engage in best practices, and enjoy the opportunity to network and connect with others in the field. Come tailgate with R10 and R11!

Contact Elizabeth Schrader for more details. or 817-740-7504.

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ESC Region 11 Next-Level Leadership! - Ongoing

Next-Level Leadership is a one-year cohort model for district and campus leadership teams. Cohort members engage in an intentional coaching model that provides the Principal Supervisors and campus leadership teams with research-based practices used to increase student achievement. An ESC coach will support cohort teams throughout the year with professional learning, implementation support, and one-on-one coaching for the selected suite. Cohorts choices are Data-Driven Instruction, Action Coaching, Lesson Planning, and Formative Assessments, or Student Culture and Routines.

Please review this flyer for suite descriptions and base packaging. Next-Level Leadership

Next-Level Leadership video

For more information, please contact Derrick Spurlock at or (817) 740-7552.

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