By:Samantha Stockwell

Volume Is...

Volume is the “filling” of 3-D objects with unit cubes. We use Pi to solve the area of the base of a cylinder. Pi equals 3.14 or 22 over 7. Another way to solve the volume of a cylinder is V=Bh or (πr²) h. The big b means area of the base. The big b of a cylinder is (πr²).

formulas for prisms and cylinders

For a rectangular prism big b equals the length times the width. For a triangular prism the big b equals (bh/2) or ½bh. H equals the height of the prism or cylinder. H also means the number of layers. The big B also means the number of cubic units in the first layer. The formula for volume of any prism is V=Bh. All prisms are named after the shape of their base.

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