Cognizant's Facebook Disaster

163000 employees.Only 1 lakh "Likes".

Poor Public Relations?

Facebook's Psychologically foolish, Commercially phenomenal idea of introducing "Likes" has changed the thinking of the People. People love getting likes. People love throwing off likes like anything. Likes, Likes and more likes. This facebook culturally hi-fi code has traced the brains of layman so much that People respect people getting more "Likes". People with more likes are considered to be socially attractive and impactful. Their thoughts are listened and received well by their likers.

Similarly, Organizations are also liked by their consumers- CB is directly proportional to NOL-"Larger the customer base(CB), Larger the number of likes(N0L) one expects.

Breaking News :
"Cognizant's PR(Public Relations) Disaster" is evident on world's largest social platform. On one hand we talk about SMAC stack. The first letter 'S' stands for Social. We help companies gain a social status.We talk about client recognition. We are heading to become a more collaborative force. We are a team of globally diversified 163000 professionals but sadly,we can only see 1,08000 likes on Cognizant's Fb page. Wonderful, Isn't it? Now,What can be done in order to fix this social disaster?

I think if we 'love' or even 'like' our company, we should think about spending a couple of seconds out of our ever busy schedules to click on the link and like "Cognizant Technology Solutions" page on fb. At least, then the World would know that, if not others; at least 'We' like our very own "Cognizant".

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