Africa's Water:

A Problem That Needs to be Solved

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A.W.W~ The Crisis

Everywhere around the world people going through tough times. Women are hiking for miles for dirty and unsafe water, and thousands of children die a day from diseases.

The Crisis:

Children every day are expected to go out and collect water for the family. A majority are girls. Girls below 10 drop out of school to collect this water. These women go out and walk on uneven trails that can even result in fatal injuries. For what? Water, yes--but water that will kill their families with diseases from the pollution.

Africa's water problem does not only impact the lives of children in that way, but it effects education and social exclusion. The fact that children have to continue drop out lowers literacy rates. What I believe is the most harmful are the diseases that can be spread around Africa. In Nigeria alone a total 63.2 million people don't have clean water to access. This leads to deaths and sickness. When water is finally found, the rich is given more than in the rural areas.

So what major problems does Africa have to sum it up? Its water is polluted, scarce, and hard to access. This leads to poor sanitation spreading deadly diseases. Children drop out of school to get water for their families to try and provide for them. The scarce water can lead to famine because of poor farming conditions. So what can be done?

What Can We Do to Help?

Simple donations can help but the main goal is to give Africa sanitation and fresh water. Having a well in or close to the village means that there is no need for anyone to spend their days walking to collect water. 440 million days that are missed by children because of water can be spent gaining an education.
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