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Can you believe it is August as of tomorrow! It's weird to think that the last time we were all in the building together was March 6, almost 5 months ago to the date we return. (missed it by 1 day) I don't know about you, but I'm ready to have you back and then add some students to the mix so that maybe, just maybe things will feel a wee bit normal. :)


Since everything is going to be virtual via Zoom, let's do our best to have some fun and excitement for the first three days of school -

Wednesday - TEAM day - wear anything that represents your favorite team - shirt, helmet, mask, baseball cap, (make sure it is school appropriate)

Thursday - Dress for Success! Wear a dress shirt with jeans for District Zoom and Meet the Teacher.

Friday - Our team is better than yours! Wear a grade level tshirt or all the same color!

Monday - Better together - twin or triplet with people on your team. Wear the same shirt and we will see if we match you on Zoom! ;)

Tuesday - Super hero day - wear your favorite super hero shirt.

Wednesday - First day of school - School spirit - Wear an ORE shirt OR a red, white, or black shirt (or one with an Owl on it)


As we return to work there are several things that we need to make sure we are clear about - no matter what you do outside the walls of our school, no matter what your thoughts or beliefs, here at ORE we will agree to abide by the expectations set forth by the district. Here are some expectations:

*Masks are a must! All staff should have on a mask at all times unless eating lunch. Exception - If you are alone in your room with your classroom door shut, you may take your mask off.

*Social distancing in a must - when in the same room with another adult, you must have on a mask and remain 6 feet apart

*Staff development will be virtual. If you currently don't have a document camera that can be used in your classroom, a maximum of 2 people can be in one room as long as you maintain your social distancing and you wear a mask.

*In an order to help keep us all well, during breaks and lunch, you must remain socially distant. (Don't all pile in one car and go to lunch)

*Staff is expected to work from school daily and your hours will be the normal 7:30 - 3:30.

*Jeans are acceptable while we do virtual teaching. School appropriate shirt is expected.

These guidelines are in place to keep us all safe and keep the school open. It would be horrible to start school with all teachers from one grade quarantined at home because of potential exposure. :)


Our new counselor, Kai Henderson, has created a survey to help her as she adjusts to her role here at our counselor. Please take a few minutes and complete that for her.



Starting on August 12, first day of school, if you have school aged children that cannot attend public school due to it being virtual, they may come to school with you if there are no other options. There are some guidelines that you must follow while having them here with you:

A. They must be eligible to come based on your Covid check in and you will need to include them on your check in.

B. They must remain in your room, unless other opportunities are organized by administration. While in your room, you need to ensure that

*you are not having confidential conversations in front of your child

*your child does not intervene or interrupt when you are on the phone or a Zoom conference

C. Ensure that your child being at school with you will not interfere with you being able to do your professional job.

This starts on August 12 and runs until September 4.

If you specific questions, please email, text or call Tami.

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As we move forward in the world where Zoom will be the platform for most of our large group meetings, planning time and PLC meetings, we need to establish some Zoom Etiquette that we will abide by as a staff. Please see the expectations below:

*When in meetings, your camera needs to be on unless otherwise stated.

*Cell phones need to be silenced and turned upside down so they are not a distraction.

*Focus must be on the meeting, training, or discussion

*Texting between participants should be limited to emergency conversations only.

*Questions and/or discussions can be in the chat and will be monitored during the trainings by an assigned person.

*Participation is required.

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Here is the link to the staff development schedule.

*YES, jeans are acceptable all week.

*YES, school appropriate shorts are acceptable all week.

*YES, attire must follow district and school guidelines found in our handbook.

Below is the link to the tentative schedule:


Each classroom is getting their own:

*District approved hand sanitizer - it is in your classroom already. Don't throw it away. When you need a refill, let Marina know and she can refill it for you.

*Quat 256 - We are all getting bottles of spray cleaner for each classroom. Again, don't throw these away. When you need a refill, please ask Marina.

*More will be coming but this will be in your room currently or next week.

*One white cloth face mask.


If you have not joined Remind 101 for text message updates, please take a minute to do that. I have created a new class for the 20-21 school year so everyone will need to join again. Simply text


To 81010

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Below is a picture of the staff shirts for the 20 - 21 school year. We encourage all to purchase one as when we return to face to face, this will become our Wednesday shirt with jeans. Short sleeve shirts start at $10 and long sleeve starts at $13. You can order the shirts online at www.kellystees.com or at school with a check/cash.

The school will gift you with one ORE face mask, but if you would like to purchase additional ones, you can do that, too. These are $6 each and you pay Kathie.

Order and money for staff shirts and masks are due on Friday, August 7 so that we can get the orders placed and returned in a timely manner.

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5 - First day for teachers to return

12 - First day of school


7 - Labor Day Holiday

8 - Anticipated return date with students


8 - End of first nine weeks

9 - Staff Development day

12 - School holiday


23 - 27 - Thanksgiving holiday


18 - Early release for students

21 - Jan 1 - Winter Break


4 - Staff work day

5 - Staff development day

6 - Students return to school

18 - School holiday


12 - Inclement weather day

15 - School holiday


11 - End of third nine weeks

12 - Staff development day

15 - 19 - Spring Break Week


2 - School holiday

21 - Administrative Professional Day


26 - Early Release end of school

27 - Work day for staff