Generation Zed & Millenials

Perception of our Transitional Generation

Trait of Our Generation

Self Centered, but Selfless

As a generation, we tend to look out for ourselves more than anything else, however, we also will reach out to others who are in need. We will take every advantage we can, and care a bit too much about our outward appearances, but even so, we'll still give a hand to anyone struggling and will do anything we can to improve other's lives.

Anxious, but Complacent

We seem to always get too worked up about everything, because we get too stressed or nervous, but we also stay complacent and don't try to change the situation we are in. In a lot of the situations that we become anxious about, we could change them with enough work, but instead we wait for someone else to do it, or for it to change on its own.

Lazy, but Efficient

This has to do in part with being at the age we still are, but as a generation we are pretty lazy. We procrastinate on assignments, or skip them altogether, and typically can't be bothered to leave whatever we are comfortable with. On the other hand though, we are very efficient when we get down to it. We use technology to our advantage and get what needs to be done as fast as possible.

Independent and Open-Minded

One last set of our major traits is how we are able to rely and take care of ourselves rather than having to use everyone else. To go along with that we are open minded towards everyone. The reason for this is because we know that we ourselves are self-sufficient and generally good, so we assume that others hold those same views.

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