Welcome to Pamlico County, NC!

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Founded, and named!

The county was formed in 1872 from parts of Beaufort and Craven counties. It was named for Pamlico Sound, which adjoins it, and the river was named by the Indians whom first resided.. Pamlico County remains rural in character and flavor, although the last decade has brought a good deal of residential development, largely the result of northern retirees and investors attracted to the many miles of waterfront property, on the coastal plains.

County Manager, and seat on the board of Commission.

County Manager is Tim Buck, from the views of the people of Pamlico, they say he is probably one of their best managers. Behind him there are several members on the Board of Commission- all whom names are; Paul Delamar, Ann Holton, Pat Prescott, Christine Mele, Edward Jr, Carl Ollison, and last but not least Kenny Heath.

Pamlico Sound!

While in Pamlico, you can visit the reason of it's naming- the Pamlico Sound! Pamlico Sound in North Carolina in the US is the largest lagoon along the North American East Coast, extending 129 km (80 mi) long and 24 to 48 km (15 to 20 miles) wide. It is part of a large, interconnected network of lagoon estuaries that includes Albemarle Sound, Currituck Sound, Croatan Sound, Pamlico Sound, Bogue Sound, Core Sound, and Roanoke Sound.
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Goose Creek Island

Goose Creek island is full of fun places to look at, and travel. But it is said nothing is as good as Goose Creek state park. The eight miles of trails at Goose Creek State Park lead visitors through a broad range of coastal experiences—live oaks draped in Spanish moss, wetlands along the Pamlico Sound and a cypress swamp viewed from an extensive boardwalk. A visitor and environmental education center explains it all with detailed exhibits. Getting into or onto the waters of the sound is easy at a sandy swim beach, a boat ramp or a separate paddling launch. A small tent-oriented campground offers solitude, even though the park is just a short drive from the historic towns of Bath and Washington, N.C.
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Other attraction- on the not so nature side.

Pamlico County is full of beautiful sceneries, parks, play grounds, waterfront sunsets- and better more- a Fossil Museum! This fossil museum has one of the largest amounts of fossils and the most extensive amount of gems. After enjoying your stay at the museum , you should also check out the Pamlico County Cotton Gins. Old- and old is wise- are they. With old tools to make and shift cotton- the tradition still remains to be known for their cotton gins.


Pamlico County is bordered by the Pamlico sound, Beauford, and Craven.
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