Bulldog News

April 8, 2016

Mrs. Dettmer's Notes

Boomer came to visit with students today to pep them up for the 2nd Round of ISTEP. It is always fun to watch the excitement in the eyes of our kids.

Important Dates

April 11th - Student Staff Basketball Game

April 20th - Volunteer Luncheon

April 20th - April 29th - ISTEP Part 2

April 27th - 5th Grade Band Sign-Up


Remind messages were sent out this week to let parents know about a late bus. Did you receive a message? If not, please click on the button below to sign up for the Rockcreek Remind system. We will continue to use this throughout the year for announcements and reminders.

Breakfast in the Classroom

We are going to begin something new at Rockcreek. Our 4-6th graders will eat breakfast in the classrooms beginning May 2nd. We are hoping to continue this trend to the rest of the grades for next year. If you want to make sure your child does not eat breakfast at school you may talk to the cafeteria.

Breakfast in the Classroom

Mrs. Hadler's Notes

It is that time of year again! Immunization records need to be updated...

Prek Students need Kindergarten immunizations and 5th grade students need their 6th grade immunizations. Please send documentation to school when these have been completed.

Universal Design for Learning: Home Connection

“Don’t you dare…”

How many times have we said this to our students or our children in what we think is an attempt at keeping them safe or steering them in the “right” direction?

UDL guidelines for engagement seek to optimize choice, fine-tune goals and foster motivation. While we are intent upon designing instruction to heighten motivation or create a home environment that promotes independence, what happens when we accidently “squelch” that natural spirit...because it can happen!

Check out this lesson about motivation in a highly unlikely place...a 2016 Cadillac advertisement. “Don’t you dare…” is repeated by people who dared. You may or may not want to own a Cadillac based on this ad, but hopefully it serves as a reminder to us all that our words matter and that engaged, motivated people who “dare” are the ones who drive success and innovation.


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Bulldog Boosters

The annual student vs staff basketball game will be held on Monday, April 11th. Come out and enjoy the fun as we watch our 4th, 5th and 6th graders take on the staff. We believe this is the year for the staff to win. Remember you can bid on silent auction items, purchase points, or other advantages during the game.

Field Day

Mark your calendar for May 18th. We will plan to have Field Day at Ceraland. We are looking for lots of volunteers. You should have received two forms this past week with information about field day - T-shirt order form and Volunteer form. Please complete both forms and return to school this week.

Band Notes

All 5th-grade students have the option to join 6th-grade band next year. It all begins by attending our sign-up night on Wednesday, April 27 in the gym from 5 PM to 7 PM –this is when you can meet the band director, Mr. Marks, and your child can try the various instruments. Please visit www.bcscbands.org for more information and to schedule your 15-minute appointment.

Pop Tabs

The results are in! Rockcreek bulldogs brought in a total of 213 pounds of pop tabs!!! This is very exciting. We came in 2nd place this year behind the Busy Bees Academy. Please continue to collect your pop tabs throughout the rest of the spring and summer as we prepare for next year's contest!!!

Jennifer Dettmer


Rockcreek Elementary