In the 1950s

Popularity and The American Dream

Rock 'n' Roll sales from 189 million in 1950s grew with popularity reaching 600 million in 1960. As popularity grew and advertisement on televisions, this made America a prosperous country once again.

New industries sprouted and fast food restaurants started up, such as McDonalds. In these, they were called Conglomerates, where major corporations that have a number of small companies with unrelated industries when people started getting "White collar" jobs. As industries grew, it started a franchise, which was a company that offered similar products or services in many locations, such as McDonalds or any other large fast food restaurant. In doing so, this started fast "speedy" services.

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The Beginning of Commericials

During the time of the rapid expansion of television entertainment, American business saw an opportunity for advertising and make their products known to viewers. Advertising expenditures on TV which were $170 million in 1950 rose near $2 Billion in 1960. Also the sales of TV Guide that were introduced in 1953, quickly out paced sales of other magazines. Advertising now made people want to spend money on a product they saw on TV and in return American businesses are paying for money in advertising but earning money from the products they would sell.