Course Registration Seminars

Greetings Juniors and Parents!

Seminar Information

I will be holding nine Course Registration Seminars for current juniors and parents. In these seminars, students will be shown how to register online for their 2015/2016, Fall & Spring CMS High School Courses.

Juniors will be given a copy of their high school transcripts and credit checklists to keep and review for accuracy. Updated GPA and Class Rank are included on the transcripts.

I will also provide an overview of CPCC Programs and Recommended Courses. There is a different process for Selecting and Registering for CPCC Courses and this information will be shared during the seminars.

Students are required to take a minimum of four courses each semester with at least one of them being a CPCC course.

I need to know by March 19th if you plan on taking CPCC courses during the summer.
(CMS does NOT pay for summer tuition/books).

Choose Your Seminar

To keep the Seminars small, I am offering multiple, one-hour sessions. Please sign up for your first, second and third choice sessions. Your response is timestamped and I will give preference to those who sign up first. If your first/second choice selection is full, I will email you with your second/third choice selection.

Since I will be going over a lot of information, please make every effort to be on time.

Seminar Location

Levine Middle College High School, which is located on the CPCC Levine College Campus behind the Joe Hendrick Automotive Building.

2728 Campus Ridge Road, Matthews, NC 28105

Room 110