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Los Angelse, California

I will go to Los Angelse, California

[why you want to go there] I want to go to Los Angeles.In L.A., there is many things to see or enjoy. There is Disney Land. Walt Disney, who produce many famous movies like Mickey mouse made it in 1983. We can meet many disney character in Disney Land. In Los Angeles, there is Holly Wood, too. It is most famous movie city in the world. We can see movies and historical structure. We can see many movie stars' hand print, too. In L.A, there is Korean town, too. We cab see Korean restaurant. I love these things so I want to go to L.A. [What you will do] I go to Universal studio. That is very famous tourist attractiont. many people want go to Universal studio. decisively I love movie. I go to movie set and I make speacial memory. maybe I spend many time in Universal studio. next tourist attractiont is Hollywood walk of Fame. I will very happy. at the night I go Griffith Observatory. Is perpact
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Washington, D.C

I will go to Washington, D.C

[why tou want to go there] I chose Washington D.C. for two reasons. First of all, although I have many places I want to visit in America, I thought it would be better to visit the capital first, the most well-known area, rather than places I don't know at all. Second, because I heard about how the roads and streets are quite broad and how famous the Capitol is as a tourist attraction, I thought I would like to see these myself. [what you will do] I go to United States Capitol and National Gallery of Art and Union station. The ciry have many tourist attraction. My tergat is represent tourist attraction.
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New York

I will go to New York

[why want to go there] Maybe this city is most ciry with USA. New York is center of world. New York make American Dream. New York is symbol of USA. I want to see the time square. New York tourist spot is statue of Liberty, Time square, and Manhattan. I want go to New York.  I really see the empire state bulding to my eyes . [what you will do] There are a lot of tourist destinations which look great in brochures but disappoints greatly upon arrival. But I think New York is exception. I guess it must be a tourist attraction. I go to all about tourist attraction. I will Victory of New York tourist destinations.
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