By Marthe Cohn with Wendy Holden


Marthe Cohn was born in France to a Jewish family. Her parents originally from Germany taught Marthe and her siblings to speak fluently in German. This allowed her to land a job as an interrogator for the French Government later in the book. She was favored by a supervisor, and was promoted to the Intelligence unit. Later when she attempts to cross the border to Germany people are unassuming towards her. She manages to complete her mission. By collecting information she is able to inform the french army. For her bravery she received a prestigious award.

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"I dutifully joined in the celebrations with the regimen, listened to the fine speeches and the congratulatory telegrams, but inside i felt dazed, as if I were a spectator to it all and not a participant." (212)

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Myles Wilcox, Beccca Nickerson, Zach Martin