Principal's News

Week 4, Term 2

One big happy family...

It's all about Family this week with our tribute to Grandparents as our main focus on Tuesday and our Liturgy on Friday. This day will mean a lot to the kids as well as the grandparents. Last year we were really surprised at the number of ESL grandparents which is an insight into the kids and why we have such a high ESL score.

Make sure that you are welcoming - some grandparents are travelling long distances to be with us. It's also easier if you have the children doing something that the grandies can join in - a story book, a board game or puzzle, a set of questions the kids can ask. You might collect some data and use it later on with the children - I'm sure that there will be some good Immigration stories as well. Get your camera's out, click away and make it memorable.

Thanks Jane (in advance) for the entertainment in Cooinda. This is just a nice way to round off the morning. If it is a sunny day, some GP's might be in the yard at lunch time so just ask the kids to be mindful. The last thing we want is a broken hip!

Happy Mother's Day .... to all of our mums!

Reminders ....

  • The Cooinda Crew will be needed this week for the set up and pack up for GP's Day and our Liturgy on Friday. I will try to do this in lunch time and before school to minimize disruptions
  • Cornerstone behaviours work well when we are all in it together. Please be at the line on time and take an ACTIVE role in settling your grade. It works so much better when you do.
  • Parents of Preps 2014 will attend a meeting on Tues night. Nicole, I may need to borrow some of your chairs for the library
  • Thanks for making an effort to get to know Jacqui Stuart last week. Unfortunately she didn't finish the week as her grandmother was taken to hospital with not a good prognosis. Keep her in your thoughts this week.
  • Have a great family week :)