Slopes of War VS Gettysburg Website

By Christian Nicely 4-21-15

How Are They Alike?

The website is similar to the book in many ways, but these are the most significant. They are similar because they both give the dates of when the battle happened. For example, the website says "The Battle of Gettysburg started on July 1, 1863." and the book says "July 1st" and continues the story. They also both have detail about the what happened on each day. Another way they were alike, is that they both said the amount of soldiers that died in the battle. As you can see, these are the most apparent ways that the website is similar to the book.

How Are They Different?

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Slopes Of War

  • This book switches perspectives between a soldier who is in battles and a town citizen.
  • "Bekah sighed, and closed the window." This quote shows that it's in the perspective of a town girl.
  • This book is very in depth and in detail. It tells about how the soldier was shot and needed a doctor.
  • The book describes all of the senses and feelings of all of the characters featured in the book.
  • The book is very long and takes at least a couple days to read.
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Battle Of Gettysburg Website

  • The website has a narrator talking about the war.
  • The website is very brief and is more of an overview and summary of the battle.
  • "The first shot of the battle of Gettysburg was fired early in the morning of July 1st." This quote shows that the website is very brief and has a narrator.
  • The website does not express the feelings and senses of the soldiers and town citizens.
  • The website is very short and can be read in five minutes.