The Big Picture

By: Zane G

How Does the Structure Influence the Content?

The Structure influences the content because the structure is what makes the poem interesting or exquisite. It does this because when a poem rhymes it can keep the readers attention. If it uses the same words over and over or if it has a good rhythm that anyone can follow it will help get and keep the readers attention.

Example of Structure Influence

"As he defeated -- dying --

On whose forbidden ear

The distant strains of triumph

Burst agonized and clear!"

This one stanza of the famous poem "Success is Counted Sweetest" by Emily Dickinson. The last two lines show how the reader will read or interpret the poem. The will feel confident and determined. But this also shows the theme of the poem, that success will outweigh anything, Thus showing us that the Structure of a poem affect the content of the poem.