ROOM 215

Mrs. White's Team


September 21-25: Spirit Week (see below)

September 24: Watch Dogs Pizza Kick-off

September 25: Walk-A-Thon


READING: We will read and performed a reader's theatre about Hispanic culture. We also read a few other articles to gather more information.

MATH: Students learned how to multiply one digit by three digits this week. It was a new skill and it will be different than how we learned it as kids. Please hang with us and allow your students to guide you on how it is done.

WRITING: Students wrote an opinion paragraph on something they were interested in. I will be sharing these with you at their conferences.

Social Studies: We continued to work on Map Skills and landforms. We are creating a globe - we will share at conferences.


READING: We will be reading a story written by Laura Ingalls Wilder. We will discuss conflict/resolution and how it goes along with the plot of a story. Students will also be reading about a boy who follows along with a prank that a bully plays on a fellow classmate. I CANNOT wait to discuss this story!

MATH: We will continue multiplication and will be learning Properties of Multiplication (Distributive, Associative, Commutative, Identity, and Property of Zero).

WRITING: Students will be writing another opinion paragraph after we read an article about selfie sticks being banned from amusement parks.

SOCIAL STUDIES: We are going to continue working on our map skills and add in where we live in this world.


M: P.E.

T: Music

W: Library/Computers (RETURN BOOKS)

Th: P.E.

F: Music


9/21 Mustache Monday Wear a pretend mustache to school!

9/22 Tie Tuesday Wear a tie to school!

9/23 Wacky Hair Wednesday Be creative and have fun making your hair crazy!

9/24 Twin Thursday Coordinate matching outfits with a friend!

9/25 Panther Blue Friday Wear your GE t-shirts (or anything blue) and get ready for a fun day celebrating being a Panther at the 4th Annual Walk-A-Thon!

Keep collecting those pledges!!! Remember, EVERYONE gets a prize!! The top 5 Students who collect the most pledges get to pie the principal and teachers!!

Tour the States - Official Music Video
Area Model Multiplication